'Let's Toke To That'

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🍃 💨 LESS TALK MORE TOKE : Designed for a laid back high. Nothing too crazy, just simply good vibes, trippy conversation starters and smoke challenges. 100 cards split into 4 categories. This is the ultimate twist on our usual drinking game. Including categories such as : ‘Purple haze’ ’This or that’ ‘Never have I ever- stoner edition’ and our very own ‘Random deck’.

X100 cards split into 4 categories :
- X25 This or that
- X25 Purple haze
- X25 Never have I ever
- X25 Random deck

📝 HOW TO PLAY: Lighters at the ready!, Shuffle up the cards or play them by categories, spread them around and take turns pulling a card. Each time a card is drawn, the player has to discuss or perform the action associated with the statement on the card. 🔎 WHAT’S INSIDE: There are x100 dynamic cards that printed on premium playing cards designed for good conversation and a laid back high.

🍃 💨 PERFECT FOR PARTIES, GAME NIGHTS, SMOKE GATHERINGS AND MORE: With custom artwork on all the cards and questions that are designed to be ‘No-Skip’ there’s endless ways to play!

🙋‍ ADULT ONLY: Let’s keep this 18+ okay! Always smoke responsibly :)


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