Let's Drink To That 'Pour Me Another'

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🍻 IT'S 5 O'CLOCK SOMEWHERE RIGHT?: It's ladies night! 💖 

This one is for the wine drinkers and the overdue prosecco catch ups. Guaranteed to cause some tipsiness and belly laughter. No matter what your excuse is for the drink in hand, this game is the perfect addition for any spirit or wine filled evening. Grab your glasses and let the good times flow, because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere right?

Including iconic drinking game categories : 'Pass the bottle' 'This or that' 'Great minds drink alike' and 'Drink about it' 

filled with cards that will have you exposing your most inner secrets and cause tons of belly laughter.

X100 cards split into 4 categories :
x25 Pass the bottle
x25 This or that
x25 Great minds drink alike
x25 Drink about it

📝 HOW TO PLAY: Drinks at the ready!, Shuffle up the cards or play them by categories, spread them around and take turns pulling a card. Each time a card is drawn, the player has to perform an action associated with that card and category. The longer you play, the tipsier you get! 🔎 WHAT’S INSIDE: There are x100 dynamic cards that printed on premium playing cards designed to start your night right.

🥃 PERFECT FOR LADIES NIGHT, HEN NIGHTS, BIRTHDAYS, EVENTS AND MORE: We don’t say it lightly when we claim to be the ‘Ultimate drinking card game’ - with custom artwork on all the cards and questions that are designed to be ‘No-Skip’ there’s endless ways to play!

🙋‍ ADULT ONLY: Let’s keep this 18+ okay! Play with wine, cocktails, vodka, ...whatever, but always Drink Responsibly :)


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