*COMING SOON* Let’s Get Social ‘Let's Talk About It'

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🫶🏼  HEALING AND FEELING : The card pack that takes your connections to a deeper level. Play solo and journal your thoughts and responses, or play with a partner, friend or family member.

Dive into meaningful questions that help you truly get to know one another.

- x120 cards split into 3 categories of 'Self Aware' 'Past, Future, Present' and 'Diving Deeper'

📝 HOW TO PLAY: Play solo and journal your thoughts and responses or play with a friend, partner or family member. Shuffle all cards together, or play one category at a time leaving 'Diving Deeper' until last.

🃏 PERFECT FOR JOURNALING, HEALING AND MAKING MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS: With custom artwork on all the cards and questions that are designed to be ‘No-Skip’ there’s endless ways to play!

🙋‍ ALL AGES: PG Content suitable for all ages!


X100 cards, x1 Rigid box holder
‘Family game night’ is a brand new twist on classic drinking card games whilst keeping everything ‘PG’

Expect laughs, drinks and a whole lotta family catch up time with ‘Family Game Night’

Designed for 2+ players we recommend a 30 minute game time before it gets too tipsy 🍻

X100 cards - x4 categories

X25 ‘Honesty is the best policy’
Get ready to do a family deep dive and expose some home truths here - don’t want to? Then DRINK!

X25 ‘Trivia Time’
So this category gets harder the tipsier you get - get your thinking hat on and the first person to fill in the blank with the right answer wins!

X25 ‘Keeping it in the family’
Most likely to ~ Family style! ‘Who’s most likely to steal your clothes?’, ‘who would you trust to bury a body with?’ If you pull this card you choose a player who the card relates to most and they drink!

X25 ‘Random Deck’
Here’s where it gets fun! A deck full of action cards designed to keep you sipping that drink of yours

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