Yep, we fucked up! You blew us up and sold out our bestsellers and we didn't have enough stock to cover you for your Summer hols and festival season! 

Apologetically, we are back! The very long awaited restock of our bestselling drinking games 'The original deck' and 'Better Together' are FINALLY upon us and are ready to be launched for pre order on the 1st August!

But what we can promise you, is that it is WELL WORTH YOUR WAIT! Although it might seem like we've been ghosting you, we've been working so hard to make these decks even bigger and better than they were before and we can't wait for you to get your hands on them!

As always, we prize ourselves on being a 'relevant, no skip card game' so we wanted to make sure that we were relaunching with brand new content. But that's not all - We've refreshed the designs and DOUBLED in size on 'The original deck', and TRIPLED in size on 'Better Together' (Plenty of tequila prepped for this)

We're so proud of what we've created and seriously cannot wait for you to finally plan your long awaited date nights from home, house parties and get the pre drinks flowing! 

Yas & Rena, Let's Drink To That 🥂🃏